Our products

Our products

We are a family owned and operated store with wholesome meats from local family farms. Our farmers use only the healthiest natural, organic and traditional farming methods when tending to our chickens, turkeys, beef, pork and lamb.

Our free-range meat is free of hormones, antibiotics, MSG, steroids and dyes. Humane treatment of animals at all times/ Raised without the use of animal by-products.

Many Gluten- free options available!

Beef iconBeef

All our grass fed beef is pasture- raised, graded ‘AAA’, and aged for three weeks.

Roasts, Steaks, Ground Beef, Stewing Beef, Liver, Soup Bones, Ribs, Weiners, Meat Pies, Hamburgers

Bison iconBison

Our bison are raised on a family owned farm specializing in bison. Our many cuts provide different ways to try this rich and lean meat.

Roasts, Kebabs, Steaks, Ground Bison, Bison Burgers

Pork iconPork

Our pork products are wood smoked for unbeatable flavour and do not have nitrites.

Roasts, Chops, Ham Steaks, Ground Pork, Ribs, Sausages, Wood-Smoked Hams and Side Bacon, Peameal bacon (sliced or slab), Schnitzel, Black Forest Ham, Ham hocks

Lamb iconLamb

Our pasture- raised Ontario lambs are fed alfalfa, hay, corn, barley and soybean without hormones or synthetic feeds of any kind.

Chops, Leg, Shoulder, Rack, Liver, Chiptole Sausage (with feta cheese), Tennessee & Regular Sausage, Stew, Ground Lamb 

Fish iconFish

Try our certified organic Salmon, East Coast Haddock, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Trout, Shrimp, Wild Red Spring Salmon, Georgian Bay Whitefish, or our wild- caught Pickerel (Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, Nipissing, and Lake Erie)  

Chicken iconChicken & Turkey

Our chickens come from two different family owned farms allowing us to provide different cuts and quantities of our finest products. Chickens roam freely and are fed an all vegetarian diet to promote healthy growth and taste. Our turkeys are “born free and raised pampered” by our farmer who have been farming turkeys for three generations.

Whole Turkeys can be ordered in season- Whole Chickens, Boneless/Skinless Breasts/Thighs, Bone- in Breasts/Legs/Thighs, Drumsticks, Plain and Marinated Wings, Homemade Meat Pies, Ground Chicken and Turkey, Turkey Breasts, Sausages

Cheese iconEggs/ Cheese

Our eggs come from the finest traditionally raised, free-run hens and provide quality taste every time. Our cheese comes from 100% Ontario goat’s milk from two family farms in Lindsay and Peterborough.

Goats Milk Cheese- Feta, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Caramelized Onion, Jalapeno, Dill, Cranberry, Garlic and Fine Herb, Blueberry 

Jar iconJams/ Jellies/ Jarred Goods

Our homemade jams, jellies and jarred goods (and summer sausage) come fresh from the Mennonites in St. Jacobs Ontario. We also carry Organic Coffee, Honey, Crackers, Apple Butter, Sauerkraut, Horse Radish and Spices.

Pickles- Bread and Butter/Dill, Steak Sauce, Pickled Beets, Fruit Relish, Salsa, Jams- Blueberry, Red Currant, Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, Grape, Also- Try Our new Sugar-Free Jams!